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Hi! Welcome to our website, it’s Chat Bar here! We are the first izakaya-style Chinese Chuan’r spot in the GTA. Chuan’r, also known as Chinese skewers, has already taken over China, becoming popular amongst the entre region. We have opened four successful locations in Toronto. Beloved by people from all walks of life, from students to working professionals, we have lived up to our name in becoming the perfect place for people to casually get together over a delicious meal and a beer.

Chuan’r + Beer, has become a representative food and social culture in China. The mutton shashlik and fresh beer just belong together. Taking a few bites of meat and drinking up with some beers is our way of enhancing our relationship with each other. Empty bottles, bamboo sticks, and emotions, are all spread out disorderly on the table together — this is what we call the taste of life, the taste of being human.