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At Chat Bar, we hope you can experience Chinese Chuan’r Culture. Chuan’r culture literally translates to “the atmosphere of smoke and fire”. The term applies to this style of cooking, not only because fire and smoke are physical features of chuan’r, but because the experience evokes a natural and lively atmosphere. Chat Bar is a great place for people to come and eat a delicious meal while also having relaxed conversations, drink a beer, enjoy the company of those around them, and treasure their time here. Chuan’r is all about sharing. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends.

The fiery aroma is always in the air.

Cooking with fire has life. That is where barbecue started.

The smoke, is the most beautiful smell in the world.

People are here eating, drinking, and expressing emotions.

Family, friends, sometimes even strangers…

That is the vibe and feeling Chat Bar wants to bring — the feeling of happiness.